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Bird with an infra-red lampMost pet birds who have become ill need an efficient drug. But there is more one can do for them in many cases: The bird's common body temperature is about 41°C. If a bird is ill, the temperature drops. The reason for this phenomenon is that keeping the body temperature takes a lot of energy. But there is a lack of energy while a bird's organism tries to fight a disease or an infection. Its immune system consumes a lot of energy that is therefore not available for the "heat system". That's why birds feel very cold when they're ill. If you notice that your bird is sick and feels cold, you can make the situation easier by offering a heat therapy with the help of a special lamp.

Infra-red lamp with budgieDark infra-red lamps are most suitable for this purpose. Depending on its power, the lamp should be placed in a proper distance from the recovery cage. It is important to ensure that the temperature inside the cage is not too high. There must be a shady place in the cage where the bird can go if it becomes too hot. For example a towel that is put in front of one half of the cage gives shelter. But never cover half of the cage with the towel because this could cause a lot of heat inside of the cage. Be sure to place the towel in a way that guarantees that the air in the cage will still be able to move. That prevents a heat accumulation in this part of the cage.

If and how log you should warm your bird with a heat lamp depends on the kind of disease the animal suffers from. In principle you should talk about that to your vet who will surely help you with his advice.

An heat therapy should never be applied on one's own account if it is not totally clear whether the bird might suffer from any disease that concerns its brain or not! The heat can increase the blood pressure in the whole body and especially the pressure in the brain will grow under these conditions. This could cause heavy damages in case of a concussion or if the bird suffers from an infection of his central nervous system (CNS). A dramatic change to the worse of the bird's state of health is often observed and sometimes the heat therapy even kills birds who suffer from severe head injuries.

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