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  A budgie's earA healthy budgie's ears are not visible, in fact they're hidden by the feathers. But where are a bird's ears? They're located on either side of the head, just a few millimetres away from the eyes. But bird ears are not easy to spot since budgies and other birds don't have auricles. Their ears are holes in their skulls and what you can see when you shift the feathers is the auditory canal. During their first days of their lives, young budgies are naked and their ears are visible. The photo on the right shows an adult budgie who suffers from a severe disease that is responsible for the loss of the feathers. This is a rare case in which one can see an adult bird's ear so clearly. The photo below shows a budgie who has just taken a bath . While the plumage is wet, one can often spot the ears.

A budgie's ear
This budgie has taken a bath and one can see the front part of the auditory canal (ear).

Please note: Some birds such as Long-eared owls seem to have ears on top of their head like you know them from mammals such as hares. But these "ears" are no ears at all, they're just feathers standing upright. The anatomy of an owl doesn't differ much from a budgie's anatomy, so an owl's ears are very similar to a budgie's ears: They're holes in the skull that are hidden by the plumage.

Long-eared Owl

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