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  Nellie doing her solo Date of birth: 30.07.1995

Place of birth: Bochum, Deutschland

Species: Sulphur-crested Red-shoed Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita ruficalcei)

Size: 65 cm (without crest and heels)

Wing length: 42 cm

Favorite food: Millet sprays, apples, carrots, soaked weat

Favorite beverages: Carrot juice, banana juice and cooled Rooitea with honey

Hobbies: Breeding millet, reading, environmental work and protection of endangered species, dancing (Standard and Latin, see photo on the right), traveling

Special characteristics: In contrast to most other individuals of her species, Nellie talks outstandignly good in the human language and she understands it in a perfect way. She participated in intelligence studies where scientists found out that she is even more intelligent than the wellknown Grey Parrot Alex. Nellie holds a privileged position among the Sulphur-crested Red-shoed Cockatoos since she is amazingly clever. At a renowned correspondence university, she attained a degree in comparative behavior research in January 2002.

Original area of the species: East and southeast Australia, up to the southeastern part of south Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, East-Timor

Habitat: As a Kulturvolger in human settlements. Prefer gradened surfaces for moving on the ground for avoiding problems with their shoes.

Status: Extremely rare, nearly extinct in nature, since the species achieve high prices on the black market. Nonserious parrot lovers offer up to 100.000 US-$ for a bird who is illegaly captured from the wild.

Way of life: This sociable, peaceloving parrot species lives in couples or in small flocks of up to 30 individuals. In their natural surrounding, Sulphur-crested Red-shoed Cockatoos have been frequently observed while they tried to communicate with other bird species; they tried to learn the language of the foreign species.

Natural diet: Fruits, seeds, nuts, buds, berries, occasionally insects. In human settlements the birds specialized in sacking unguarded tables at some places in gardens. Sulphur-crested Red-shoed Cockatoos maily loot vegetables and baking goods; in some cases cheese or dairy products and occasionally something chocolate. Furthermore, some individuals show a preference for sweet beverages like fruit juices.

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