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  Aditi, adopted on 01/06/09, † 11/29/10

AditiMany people love animals. But loving them doesn't always mean doing them good. One spectacular case of misunderstood love of animals was discovered here in Germany a few weeks before Christmas in 2008. In our capital Berlin, there was a man who shared his 62 square meters domicile with hundreds of budgies and a few cockatiels, the media claimed. The journalists were talking about 500 birds in this apartment. There have been several reports on TV about this topic. When I heard about the story, I surfed to the website of one of these TV stations to get some more information. What I found was a shocking video shown on the website of RTL. After looking at it, I was sure there were disabled or injured birds among these animals. The public authorities have announced they would soon confiscate the birds and make sure they would find new homes. Here in Germany, we have a club of budgie lovers which is called Verein der Wellensittich-Freunde Deutschland (VWFD) Externer Link. Some club members live in Berlin, so they offered their help to the authorities. And I told the VWFD that I was willing to give a home to two handicapped birds.

AditiStaff members of the local veterinary office were in charge of the rescue mission, and also someone from the VWFD was involved in it. As this woman told me, it took them two nights to get all the birds out of the apartment. In fact first reports were wrong about the number of birds. They caught 1728 birds in that domicile, among them circa 50 cockatiels. All the other birds were budgies. In countless cages the majority of the birds have been brought to the local animal shelter. During the rescue mission, the participators found about 30 budgies who were seriously injured or ill. These birds have been brought to a woman in Berlin who would take care of them. I know this woman for a long time because she also gives shelter to wild birds who need help. In fact I provide a website about how to care for injured wild birds, it's the Wildvogelhilfe External link.

AditiSo two of the birds at the woman's place where supposed to be my budgies. I sent her an e-mail to get more information. She told me about a charming young bird with splay legs (this bird now is called Chandra) and a tiny green female budgie: Aditi. Like all the other birds, Aditi suffered from Trichomoniasis and bacteria in her alimentary system. Furthermore she had been seriously injured in her former home. Most probably she had been involved in a fight with another bird - and she was inferior. There were severe wounds on her cere and nose, her upper mandible was bruised, and also there was a large injury close to her right eye. The animal lover who cared for her said it looked terrible. Aditi must have suffered great pain.

AditiBut fortunately the bird didn't have to stand this all alone. At the animal lovers' place, the budgie lady fell in love with a blue budgie who now carries the name Ravi. I heard about their relationship and I didn't want to part them, so I changed my plans and adopted three birds. On 01/06/2009 they hitchhiked from Berlin to Düsseldorf. A local club member of the VWFD received them at a meeting point downtown and then took them to my place (Nicole did that for me because I don't have a car). I want to say thank you to her for bringing my cute little friends to their new home on this bitterly cold Tuesday night.

AditiTo be honest, I have been very excited when the birds arrived here. I hadn't seen photos of Aditi and Chandra so far, so I wondered how they were looking like. When I first saw Aditi, I immediately fell in love with her because of her gentle and friendly facial expression. But the scars on the back of her head and on the cere were a shocking sight. She must have gone through hell in that fight, and I still wonder how she got involved in it since she always was such a peaceably bird and she never argued at all when she was still alive and happy in my bird room.

Aditi and ChandraIn Berlin, all three birds have been under quarantine, and also an avian vet had checked their health status. I was sure they were all healthy and not carrying any contagious diseases. Therefore I let the three birds move into my bird room the next morning. When Aditi was released from her cage, she instantly started to fly around athletically. She was a skilled flyer even though she had a poor sight affecting her right eye. But despite this, she was able to manoeuvre through the bird room and she could even land perfectly safe. She loved to perch on a swing made of cork oak bark. And also she was a great fan of healthy and fresh fruit and vegetables. Carrots and apple were part of her favourite diet, but she also loved cucumber and celery stalks. Her colour mutation is called Opaline in light green.

AditiIn the end of November 2010, something terrible happened.I noticed that Aditi could hardly breathe and I therefore took her to the avian vet immediately. He wanted to examine her and take a smear to see what was wrong with her. When he started the examination, Aditi suddenly started to scream and collaped. She suffered a seizure and died within seconds. Her cardiovascular system must have been in a poor condition, maybe because of an incident long ago since she didn't live a good life then in Berlin. I was shocked when I saw her dying that way. And I felt so sorry because I took her to the vet to help her. Poor little friend, I miss you so much and I hope that you liked the time you spent in my flock.

Meaning of the name
I really like astronomical names, so many of my birds are called after planets, moons, and stars. Most common western names (which are derived from ancient Greek mythology) are occupied, because I had to name so many birds in the past. Therefore I had to find other names, and the ancient Indian mythology is a very good choice, I think. In India, Aditi is the mother of the celestial gods and also the impersonation of infinity.

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