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  Bob, adopted on 12/27/09, † 11/08/10

BobSome birds have an eventful past, and not all of the things they experienced were good. In Bob's case, I'm not sure what happened to him at his original owner's home. Maybe he had several owners and moved from one place to another, who knows? Bob can't tell us, but his body and health told a lot when he arrived at the home of an animal activist in Hamburg. This woman was puzzled because the bird seemed to have some unknown health problems that made breathing more difficult. She took him to an avian vet several times in order to find out what was wrong with Bob. One day the vet finally discovered the truth: The bird suffered from an infection with pseudomonas bacteria. These pathogens are quite persistent; therefore a long-term treatment with several drugs became necessary. Even though it wasn't pleasant for him, Bob kept up.

BobDue to the strong medication the eventually disappeared, but the disease had left its traces. Bob's plumage had become shaggy and he had hardly any strength in his muscles. Once he used to be a talented aviator, but he has become too weak to hover through the air. But being a flightless bird is not all he has to face. Also his legs are weak, so he has to walk and climb slowly. But Bob is a courageous little guy and he soon managed to arrange with this new situation. Even though he had become much calmer overall, he remained a happy bird. However, there was a problem: In the small flock of the woman from Hamburg, there were no other flightless budgies. Bob had a disadvantage when his companions were flying across the room. He was the only one who could not hover through the air, and also a dominant female frequently annoyed and attacked him. After a while, he had become a suspicious bird who was frightened each time another budgie approached him. In his home he would never be happy again, so the women with a heavy heart decided to look for a new home for her little friend where he would find some other flightless budgies.

BobWhen she was looking for a new home for her bird there was an empty perch here in my bird room because a few weeks ago, poor Torben had died. Therefore I told the woman that I would be pleased to have Bob here at my place. On 12/27/2009, she and her mate travelled the long way from Hamburg to my hometown together with Bob. They wanted to see his new home and be sure that he would be all right. A few days before, Bob had been taken to an avian vet who examined the bird and found out that he carried no hidden diseases or pathogens that could harm my birds. Due to this, Bob was allowed to move into my bird room right after his arrival here in Düsseldorf. From the first moment on, he seemed to feel comfortable there. He looked around and then straightly went to one of the favourite places where my flightless birds gather. He perched there and had a closer look to some of his new companions. My other birds also were very curious and tried to find out who he was by approaching him and chirping softly. When my birds got their second daily food ration he went to the food dishes and was with the other birds without fearing them. I think he immediately felt like being at home.

BobBob was a very nice guy who settled in quickly. And he also was quite cozy; therefore he tended to keep in the background. I have never seen him quarrel with any other bird. He didn't bite or jostle the others like many budgies do. In the morning after waking up, the first thing he did was taking a walk through the room having a look at everything. And then he suddenly started to twitch wildly. For someone who didn't know Bob this behaviour looked odd or maybe frightening. But there was no reason to worry. Bob "flew" without leaving the ground. Sometimes he grabbed the bars of a cage or a branch and then he beat his wings as strong as he could. Each time he "flew" like this, one could see how much fun he had even though he couldn't lift himself up into the air. After his training, he always looked happy and somehow relaxed. I wished that someday soon Bob would fall in love with one of the single budgie hens who lived in my bird room as well. But he never did. Instead, Woodstock and Tamlin became his buddies. And also he loved to cuddle with Kimmy, a blind female Lineolated Parakeet.

BobBob's colour variety is called opaline and his colour is greyish green. In fall 2010, I had to say Goodbye to him. He became seriously ill: His kidneys didn't work properly and the vet diagnosed a severe problem. We could do nothing against this tumour and therefore I had to take a hard decision. On 11/08/2010, Bob has been put to sleep. All I wish is that he had a good time in my bird room, a nice year with his fellows. I will never forget his friendliness and his charming behaviour. Farewell, dear Bob!

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