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  Elara, * 10/23/93, † 11/08/00

Charming beauty Elara Elara, my charming skyblue Opaline budgie lady was born at the end of October 1993. On 11/08/2000 she deceased after a short, serious illness. Right from the beginning her left wing was dropped and it seemed as if it was broken, but fortunately it wasn't. With this character she confused quite a lot of vets. But everything was ok with her anatomy if you refrain from her squint and if you make her weight a point of honor. Most of the time she threw around 50 g into the scale but she carried her belly with dignity and nevertheless she was able to fly around quite athletically. In flight, she sounded a bit like a helicopter.

Eating and keeping her belly in good shape were not Elara's only interests. Very often I could watch her babble with her beloved husband Jupiter with whom she was married happily for about two years (see photo below). He was her second husband. Before she "married" him, she had a relationship with Flori who had deceased in January '98.

Jupiter and Elara

Meaning of the name
One of the moons surrounding Jupiter is named Elara. The diameter of Elara is 80 km and it was discovered by Perrine in 1905. Originally Elara was the mother of the giant Tityus, one of the Greek figures in the realm of myth, the father was Zeus.

Water ballett    Elara is a little bit angry
























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