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  Herkules, * beginning of '98, † 08/29/02

Beautiful Herkules On 07/09/00, this beautiful budgie moved into my bird room for the first time. Before that day, he lived in another home where his name was Brutus. After the death of his former mate his owners decided not to buy another budgie as a friend for him but to give him away to a place where he would make new friends and perhaps fall in love again.

Within a few days, Herkules (Hercules in English) became a fully accepted member of my flock and he tried to mess up the relationship of Elara and Jupiter. On the one hand, Elara liked Herkules a lot, but she didn't leave her husband Jupiter and being a couple with that handsome budgie lady remained a dream for Herkules. The photo below on the right shows Herkules with his beloved Elara who unfortunately died in November 2000. From that day on, Herkules wasn't interested in any other hen of my flock. He wasn't really unhappy, but one could easily feel that he was missing out something.

Herkules and his beloved Toni In July 2001, two feathered vacationists arrived in my bird room: The disabled Elli and the fair lady Toni. It didn't take long until Herkules fell in love with her. She was also crazy for him and the two became a wonderful couple. This was not the only holiday liaison that came out in summer of 2001. Toni's friend Elli mated with my oldest budgie Kiki. The owners of Toni and Elli didn't like the idea of separating the happy couples just like I wouldn't like to. We decided to do a "budgie exchange" - Herkules against Elli. On the 08/10/01, Herkules left my flock together with his love Toni. I immediately began to miss my charming little friend, but to be honest, it would have been egoistic to separate the couples just for keeping Herkules in my bird room.

Regrettably, Toni died on 08/29/02. Herkules immediatly began to miss her very much. After thinking about Herkules' situation, his new owner decided to bring him back to my home. That was how he moved into my bird room for the second time.

More than any other flock member, Herkules loved to nibble sweet stuff. As soon as I brought sweet fruit into the bird room, he started to gorge on the fresh food. His favourite fruit was Japanese Persimmon.

Only three months after he returned to my home, Herkules became seriously ill. He suffered from a kidney infection, and I tried everything to save his life. Unfortunately, his illness was stronger than all my efforts. In the early morning of 08/29/02, Herkules died among his close friends.

Meaning of the name
Herkules (Roman), who corresponds with the Greeks Herakles, according to mythological narrations was a large hero who was admired for his strength and his courage. He was the son of Zeus and Alkmene, the wife of general Amphitryon who was a grandchild of the legendary Perseus. In the starry sky the constellation of Herkules can be found in the northern hemisphere.

Noble white with violett spots    Herkules loves Elara












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