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  John, adopted on 12/08/07, † 12/06/08

JohnIn autumn 2007, my former colleagues from the "WP Magazin" (published by Arndt-Verlag External link) told me about their at least 14 years old budgie named John. A while ago, they have adopted this bird because they had a little flock of budgies and he came from a home where his former owner didn't take much care of him. He made friends with the other birds in his new home. But however, one after the other died - and it was the oldest flock member who remained: John. Since my colleagues also cared for larger parrots, they didn't want to get another budgie as a friend for John. They asked me to give him a new home and let him become a member of my flock. When I said yes, they were happy because John is a bird with special needs. When he arrived at their place, he was in a poor condition. The family Niemann pampered the poor bird. Luckily his health improved and he became more active. But he still suffered from palsies in his feet due to an unknown reason. My colleagues knew that John would need special care for the rest of his life. I have a lot of experience with disabled birds, therefore they were glad that I was willing to adopt this feathered "old man".

JohnOn the eighth of December 2007 I met the Niemanns, and their daughters introduced me to John. I had to promise them I would always take good care of him. I immediately liked the friendly old bird who was constantly chirping while we drove home. A friend of mine, Petra from External link, was our driver since I don't have a car. She's always there for me when one of my birds needs a ride. I'm very thankful and it's a pleasure to know her, she's a real budgie lover as well.

JohnRight after John arrived at my place, I let him into my birdroom. The Niemanns have brought him to an avian vet a few days before and the bird was all healthy. There was no risk of a hidden infection which could have harmed my birds. Shortly after his arrival, John felt familiar with the new flock members. He seemed to be happy to see other budgies and he started singing immediately. I was so glad that this very old bird felt so well and so alive in the flock.

JohnI was hoping he would fall in love with one of my female birds. But John had other plans. In May 2008, he suddenly fell in love with Woodstock, a male flock member. They were so happy together, chirping all day long and caressing each other with devotion. At night, they slept on the same swing and gave each other warmth. In the early morning on 12/06/2008, John's old heart became too tired. He was too weak to stand on the swing and therefore he climbed to the ground, followed by his friend. Woodstock cuddled up to him and gave him tenderness and affection until John drew his very last breath. I miss this friendly little guy very much. He was a very special bird because he was kindly and gentle.

John's colour mutation is called Australian Pied, he also was an Opaline bird and his colour was light green.












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