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  Jupiter, * 11/03/97, † 12/18/04

Jupiter looking fluffy Undisputedly Jupiter was one of the best singers in my flock of budgies. His imitative instinct was enormous and if he would have been a single kept budgie he probably would have been able to talk quite well. But I think it's ok that he didn't talk because this is not important to me. Since he was not alone he confined his ability to communicate in declaiming very virtuous budgie-songs. Like his former best friend Orion, he was a spangle. His plumage showed an intense olive in Opaline combined with shiny yellow.

Jupiter joined my flock on 03/03/1998 at the age of roughly four months and he felt at home in my bird room very quickly. Without hurting his feelings I must confess that he sometimes behaved a bit clumsy. Every morning when he was awake and wanted to get out of the cage he was looking for the exit and even when he tried to climb it looked like it was his first attempt every time. Well, you can't be perfect in every respect - even not if you are a wonderful singer!

Beautyful male budgie Despite of his little mischance he made Elara adore him a few years ago. The two budgies behaved very tenderly for about two years, until the poor Elara deceased in November 2000. He never fell in love again with any other budgie lady until the day he died. After loosing his wife, Jupiter became ill from grief and he never recovered from the loss of his beloved companion. At the beginning of 2001 he got a serious infection; parts of his nervous system became irreparably damaged by the bacteria. I tried to fight against the infection by feeding Jupiter on highly effective medicines but it didn't work well. The good thing was that my little friend still was alive, but within a few days he lost his capability of flight when he was ill, so Jupiter couldn't coordinate his flight since that time any more.

Jupiter just took a bath It took him a while to deal with his unhappy fate. I am glad that he finally accepted that he became a flightless bird and regained his cheerfulness.

He became the closest friend of the very old Kiki. They were together all day long when Kiki was still alive. A few weeks before Kiki died, Jupiter also became a close friend of Ares and Umbriel, so he didn't remain lonely within the flock after his old fellow had passed away. It was Umbriel who became his closest friend. They often sit close beside each other singing their songs. During his last few days, Jupiter also accepted the friendship of chick Serenio who had just arrived in my bird room.

Jupiter loved to lay down in a warm hand In the morning of the 12/18/2004 he closed his eyes forever. He passed away peacefully among his friends laying on my hand. I caressed him the way he always liked it most. I really hope he felt all the love we had for him - me and his feathered friends. Thank you, dear Jupiter, for trusting me when you were laying in my hand feeling safe and comfortable so many times. I will never forget your!


Jupiter in profile Meaning of the name
The largest planet in our solar system is called Jupiter, a giant consisting of gas. The diameter of Jupiter is eleven times as large as our earth's diameter. At the Romans Jupiter was godfather, he is equivalent to the Greek Zeus.











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