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  Kleiner, adopted in Nov '99, † 03/08/00

Kleiner, the shy guy For a relatively short while, this beautiful budgie called Kleiner - that means "little one" - lived in the bird room. He was a shy guy who was hardly noticeable in my flock. Together with his friend Kiki he came to me as a longtime resident since his keeper, a young lady, was not able to take care of her birds at that time.

In 1995, Kleiner flew right into the widely opened window of his actual owner Anke. The poor little one has not become very old, he died at the age of only eight years, that was on 03/08/00. His death came quickly because he suffered from a heavy infection. Most probably so-called megabacteria killed the bird, for years he suffered from an illness that is called going light and that is typical for budgies.

Kiki and his friend Kleiner Kleiner was an olive budgie whose appearance came close to a wild budgie from Australia because he was very thin and quite small. He could also fly around in a remarkable way what other birds of his age never would manage like that. The photo on the right shows him together with his friend Kiki in lucky days.

































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