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  Mimas, * 12/06/96, † 04/16/01

Baby Mimas while playing around Only for a few weeks, the charming Mimas lived in my home. He was born as the only son of my grand lady Rhea and Umbriel who has been at good health at that time. Mimas hatched from his egg on 12/06/96 and had two sisters: Sirius, the elder one, and Vesta. Shortly after he was fledged, I gave him to the home of the parents of a friend of mine where he found a good new home and lived together with the budgie lady Rani.

During nighttime from the 15th to 16th of April in 2001, Mimas died very sudden. It made me very sad to hear of his death because he was quite young when he passed away.

Meaning of the name
Mimas was named after a moon of the ring planet Saturn. As a son of Gaea and Uranus, Mimas belonged to the Titans of the Greek mythology. In an enormous fight, Herakles defeated the Titans. Mimas was one of the brothers of Rhea.

Yum-yum, Fennel!      Mimas as a mature budgie





























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