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  Puck, adopted on 11/13/00, † 03/23/01

Puck in all his beauty Given away by his former owner due to the lack of enough room for the cage, this cute budgie who was born in the beginning of 1997 stranded in the animal shelter of my town. Together with his close friend Icarus he lived there for a while, but nobody wanted to adopt the two, because most people didn't like their outer appearance. In the area of his thorax, Puck had a so-called lipoma, a kind of tumor that's typical for budgies. His friend Icarus was seriously disabled, she wasn't able to fly. Since there was no hope for a new home for the two, the staff of the animal shelter decided to put them to sleep. When I heard of their sad story I spontaneously rang the animal shelter and told them that I will adopt the poor birds. They arrived in my bird room on 11/13/00.

The first day, he remained perched beside his old friend Icarus. But from the next day on, he turned away from his former mate and cherished his newly won freedom in the bird room where he could fly around the whole day. At first, Puck was hardly noticeable in my flock due to his shy appearance. Concerning me, he always used to behave tame and charming and I think that I felt him being thankful or something like that.

After a short and heavy illness - his lung got seriously infected -, my little feathered friend deceased in March 2001 exactly four months after I had adopted him from the animal shelter. His life lasted much too short and I hope that he found a little luck and friendship in my flock.

Puck was a shy guy

Meaning of the name

Puck originally was a puckish elf in William Shakespeare's "A Mid Summer Night's Dream". One of the moons of the huge planet Uranus with a diameter of only 145 km is designated after this novel character. It was this moon after whom I named the cute bird whose name was Budgi when he was living in the home of his former owner.























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