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  Satyr, adopted on 12/01/06, † 10/21/07

Satyr Sometimes life isn't fair. When this lovely green budgie was born in 2003 things immediately turned bad since he was disabled by birth. His spine and the rest of the skeleton was heavily deformed, so presumably his position inside the egg has been wrong what lead to the deformation of his bones. Despite all this he was a lucky guy because a bird owner from Bavaria was looking for special birds. One of her flock members was unable to fly and therefore she wanted to get him some friends who would stay together with him while the other flock members would fly around the room. She finally found two disabled birds and took them home. That's how Satyr and Woodstock escaped from their uncertain future in the breeder's home. Everything was fine for this little feathered guy and maybe you wonder why he moved into my place in the end of 2006 even though he was loved in his former home. Silke, his former owner, had to give away her birds because she moved to Australia a few weeks later and she couldn't take her birds with her.

SatyrRegarding Satyr's health problems, Silke has been told in the beginning that his spine was broken and therefore he became unable to fly. Indeed his spine is crooked but I'm sure it has never been broken because else the bird would be paraplegic. Since he is able to move the lower parts of his body I'm sure his spine wasn't broken. A radiograph showed no signs of a fragture at all, so for sure his handicap was congenital. Satyr's shoulders and hips were in the wrong position and therefore he was unable to fly and he could only walk slowly - but he lived a life without any pain what was very important to me.

With each breath Satyr took , his chest moved up and down as if he suffered from a severe infection of his lung. But he was all healthy and even his air sacs were all right. They have been examined in an avian clinic by having a closer look to a radiograph of his body. The spine deformation caused a pressure on the lung and air sacs and therefore Satyr needed to move his chest to breathe. While he sang his chest and back moved up and down, this was a kind of a personal "trademark".

SatyrHis charming and gentle character was the reason why all other members of the flock liked him so much. Each bird loved to stay close to him and chirp some songs together with this enthusiastic singer. He often perched on a large cork oak bark which was his favourite place to be in the bird room. I never have seen Satyr struggle with any other bird so far. As it seemed to me he was everybody's darling.

Satyr's face was dominated by his many dark throat spots. Right after each moult his lower half of the face was completely black and it seemed as if he weared a full beard. He was a large English budgie (Show budgie) and weared the typical voluminous head plumage. Regrettably his long feathers hid his eyes when you looked at him from some perspectives. Satyr's colour mutation is called Opaline in light green.















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