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  Shiva, adopted on 01/07/07, † 11/22/10

ShivaIn December 2006, an animal activist whom I know well told me about something terrible. She has been asked by a vet to come with her and rescue some budgies because they live under terrible circumstances. Of course she accompanied the vet and soon was shocked about which suffering people can cause by just neglecting their animals... They entered the home of a woman who didn't clean up her house for years as it seemed. In this mess, there were dozens of budgies - in fact there were about 150 budgies living in the home that reminded of a garbage dump. Once she owned four to six budgies, the owner claimed. They started to breed and she allowed them to do whatever they want. That's why there were so many birds among dross and incredible dirt. Apparently the owner didn't ever clean the bird's cages or anything else. Some of the birds were ill or injured; and there were some casualties among them who could not be saved. Nearly 40 birds died or had to be put to sleep. But the animal activists and the vet fought for each life. 115 birds were rescued and after they have recovered, most of them moved into new loving homes.

Shiva's injured wingA handful of budgies were unlucky because the bad circumstances of living had caused disabilities that were more or less severe. And one of these unlucky birds was a yellow-green and very young male budgie. One of his toes was broken and the fracture had healed in the wrong position, so his toe was twisted. But what was even worse: One of his wings had been injured by a rat or when he was still very young and in his nest. There was only one intact wing left - the poor little guy was a flightless bird. I heard about him and hadn't seen any photo of him, but I immediately decided to take him to my place because my bird room is handicapped accessible. On 01/07/2007 I first met this little guy when he arrived at my place - and it was love at first sight. He was indescribably charming, he didn't fear humans and what was best: he loved to be caressed all day long. Without any doubt Shiva - that was his new name - had been living under bad circumstances. But no human ever had harmed him before he came to my place and that's why he trusted me and always showed me a lot of affection.

Shiva und seine Freundin IndiraEven though Shiva was unable to fly, he loved his life and he was always gentle. Together with his love Indira who also had been rescued from the dirty house in Mannheim as well, he moved into my bird room. There he became a close friend of Satyr who treated him as if he was his father when Shiva had just moved in. Also Woodstock was a close friend of Shiva. They were much alike because they were both yellow-green birds. Together with his two friends and Indira, Shiva loved to stay on his favourite perch which can be seen in the photo on the right.

Shiva und seine Freundin IndiraI have seen many loving budgie pairs before, but none of them was like Indira and Shiva. They were soul mates and they spent all of their time together: eating, taking a bath , climbing around the twigs and branches, and even sleeping. Since Indira's hips are both dislocated, she loved to rest on a cork platform I built for her. Each night he layed right beside her and the couple loved physical contact. And sometimes they climbed onto my lap and loved to be caressed by me. It surely is the greatest gift you can get as a bird owner to have two loving birds who like to share their relationship with you.

Shiva and his beloved IndiraIn the end of November 2010 I noticed a swelling of Shiva's womb. The next day I took him to my avian vet who claimed that maybe a tumour could be responsible for the swelling. We decided to have a closer look at what was going on inside Shiva's belly. During the surgery, my vet found two tomours which he couldn't remove. That's why he put to sleep my poor little feathered friend immediately. Shiva died on 11/22/2010 and at first I couldn't believe that my beloved bird was gone. Indira seemed to be sad as well when she realised that Shiva wasn't still there. I miss him so much since he was such an incredibly friendly and charming bird.

Meaning of the name
ShivaShiva is the name of a Hindu God who stands for destruction on the one hand and for regeneration on the other. I thought it might be a good name for this bird because I was hoping his destroyed wing would heal - in fact it didn't, but I still like the name. In Sanskrit, the word shiva means kind or friendly what perfectly describes my budgie's character and mood.





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