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  Sirius, * 12/04/96, † 12/25/01

Sirius at the age of six weeks Sirius was a Banded Pied in Yellowface type 2 and opaline plumage. The whole day long, she did crazy things and also did some gymnastics in the bird room by climbing branches and flying around very often. She was the most affectionate bird of my flock and loved to be caressed in her neck. Due to her lovable behavior she still owns a very special place in my heart and to be honest: She was my all time favourite budgie. Losing her cut like a knife.

On 12/04/96, she hatched from her egg and she developed very quickly. From the beginning on, Sirius was a very precocious chick. When she was four weeks old, she was able to eat independently and flew around in the bird room in an outstanding way. While her mother Rhea was alive, the two of them were competing for the highest position within the flock all of the time. Since Rhea has deceased, Sirius was the alpha hen for a few weeks. During the last few years, Sirius showered her father Umbriel with her love, but he doesn't want her as his mate. Slightly more than a month before her death, he finally accepted her offer and they became close friends.

Preening in the warm hand For a short period in 1999, Sirius was deeply in love with Kallisto. The sweet couple did all what passionate budgies normally do: kissing, hugging, flirting - and having sex. A few days before Christmas in 1999, Sirius became a mother when her daughter Rana was born as a single chick in the nesting box. Her perfidious husband had run away with another hen while Sirius was breeding. Sirius turned out to be a supermummy one can rely on. She managed to raise her lovely daughter on her own without any problems.

Miss Budgie 2000: Sirius There was an on-line beauty contest where I sent in a picture of my cute Sirius in the beginning of 2000 just for fun. Of course every bird owner thinks his (favourite) budgie to be the most beautiful bird in the world. Well, in case of Sirius, many people shared my opinion as you can see yourself in this page external link (available in German only). I was absolutely proud of my marvelous budgie lady when she won that contest.

In December 2001, Sirius again had the wish to raise some chicks. Unfortunately she heavily became egg bound on 12/25/01 and died in my hands. I tried everything to safe her life, but even the operation in the vet clinic wasn't enough. There were two eggs at once in her belly and none of them came out correctly. Saying goodbye to the most wonderful and lovable budgie I ever have encountered was the hardest thing for me to do in 2001. Sirius was more than a budgie because she was highly intelligent, heartily, warm and trusting all of the time. I will never forget her and I am thankful that I have had the chance in my life to meet her.

Meaning of the name
In the German winter, one can see the brightest star in our sky that is called Sirius. It is placed in the constellation "Greater Dog" that can be found close to the famous Orion. On the day of her birth, Sirius got her name that I chose after the wonderful star.

Before takeoff   Sirius after the first molt   Sirius is daydreaming

The two photos in the upper part of this page impressively show how the colours of a Yellowface type 2 budgie change when the birds become of age. Both upper pics show Sirius when she was about six weeks old. All lower photos show her as she is looking today. During the first big moult, budgies renew their whole plumage. All feathers are replaced by new ones, each one shows a slight yellow touch - even the blue feathers, so they seem to be green! The colours of Sirius changed from light yellow to a bright yellow and her blue parts turned green as you can see in the lower three photos.








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