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  Speedy, adopted on 10/10/06, † 06/14/10

SpeedyHow much charm can be hidden in 45 grams live weight? Very, very much - and Speedy proved it to me each and every day. The sky-blue male budgie was very attached to humans and loved to perch on a finger or just sit on a shoulder and be carried around the house. It was convenient for him to get around like this because when he was a young bird, he lost his ability to fly. Regrettably I haven't been able to find out the reason that made him flightless and even the avian vet has no idea. The feathers of his left wing broke as soon as they have grown again after the next moult. Apart from this he was as sound as a bell most of his life. So the former perfect pilot became an inventive clamberer who always tried to reach the highest parts of his surrounding. This perilous "hobby" caused him a lot of trouble in his former home which was the living room of my cousin and her husband. He climbed up to the highest branches and then fell off.

Speedy und seine PhoebeSpeedy wanted to join his feathered friends and his former wife Phoebe who were perched on the bird playgrounds. But each time one of the other birds started to fly Speedy wanted to do the same - and crashed onto the floor as if he was a falling stone. To prevent he would one day be killed in such a crash, my cousin and her husband decided to bring him to my place because I have a bird room which is safe for handicapped birds. Together with his wife he should stay there until his wing would be healed. Unfortunately his wing didn't recover and he remained a flightless bird. Thus his owners decided they would not get him home and let me adopt him. This is real love of animals! I don't know many people who would give away a bird because of his own safety who is always willing to smooch with humans and also with other birds.

SpeedyTo be honest Speedy used to be so much fixated on humans that his former owners decided to turn away from him to force him to make friends with the other budgies. The plan worked well and very soon the bird who was born in 2002 fell in love with one of his fellows. Together with his wife Phoebe he became an official member of my flock on 10/10/2006. But she mated with another male, and Speedy became the spouse of Himalia. Regrettably this wasn't for long since she became very ill after a while, he stayed at her side and gave her strength until she died in October 2008. He missed her much and seemed to by very sad after he lost her.

Speedy und seine Frau FralieAfter a few months, he decided that being single is no good idea, and then in spring 2009 he became the mate of Fralie. Since then, he was happy again and he spent a lot of time singing for his beloved little lady. Even though he got along well with my budgies - in fact he didn't like the Lineolated Parakeets too much - he still was mad about flirting with me. Sometimes he was so mad about me that he started to bite me what was a sign for his affection.

SpeedySpeedy's colour mutation is called Opaline in sky-blue and he was always cheerful and perky. One could very often hear him sing the typical budgie songs and other funny things. He made a strange sound which reminded me of a croaking crow as you can hear in this sample (wav, 24 kB). When he was just fledged and arrived at his former home he already knew this sound. Most probably he learned it while he was a chick and still living at his breeder's home.

For some wonderful years he lightened up my life - until he became very ill in spring 2010. He vomited all the time, and my vet found out that Speedy was suffering from a sour crop caused by Candida and bacteria as well. For three weeks, we fought against these germs. Speedy was brave and you could see that he wanted to live. But then one day, the sparkling in his eyes was gone. He was tired and wanted to rest. Even his mate Fralie couldn't change his mind. I took my feathered friend to my avian vet for the last time. He put Speedy to sleep what was very hard for me. Speedy closed his eyes forever while I held him in my hand caressing his head. Speedy, I hope you knew how much I loved you. Thank you for the wonderful time we had, for your chirping, your funny sounds, the lovely sky-blue feathers that brought joy into my life even when it was raining outside. I will never forget you.

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