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  Tara, adopted on 08/10/05, † 02/06/15

Tara is curiousIn the beginning of May 2005, a young bird fought itself out of its egg at a breeders' home which is located in the Rhine area of Germany. The birds' fate was already sealed when it hatched: its brothers and sisters were all healthy, but the tiny bird wasn't that lucky. When its siblings became more and more beautiful, nearly no feathers did appear on her. She remained naked on most parts of her body. The breeder sorted the young female bird out because there was no chance he could sell her to a pet shop or private bird owner. Who wants to buy a naked bird who is incapable of flight and will most probably remain handicapped for the rest of its life? Regrettably a few breeders (they are the bad exceptions...) "solve" their problems with naked or disabled birds in a way which is forbidden by law here in Germany: They kill those poor birds by breaking their necks with their own hands. Or some sell the birds to snake breeders who feed their reptiles on the living little birds.

Tara viewed from another perspectiveHappily the young bird from the Rhine area was lucky and its life ended that way. Instead of selling the bird, he contacted a budgie-lover who had told him before that she would take in handicapped birds in order do find new homes for them which are suitable for their special needs. Thus it came that the young budgie lady was entrusted in the budgie-lover's care. First, the handicapped bird moved into a new home where the owners regrettably didn't really know how troublesome it can be to take care of a disabled budgie. After a few weeks it turned out not to be safe enough for flightless birds in their home. The tiny budgie suffered an injury after it fell off a branch. Therefore Hühnchen (=chicken, that was its former name) had to move into another home, a safe home this time. On 8/10/2005 the young bird arrived at my home and became a member of my flock. She also got her new name: Tara.

Tara loves half-ripe milletBefore Tara arrived here she had been examined by an avian vet. He found out that Tara wasn't infected with the French Molt or PBFD, that's why she could move into my bird room immediately. Regrettably the vet didn't find out why the healthy young budgie lady had no intact plumage. But as I found out a few weeks later, a hormonal disturbance and a severe malnutrition in her early days caused this problem. Tara has been treated with some homoeopathic medicine and I didn't dare to hope that her plumage would improve - but it did. After a few months, she looked so much better and turned into a beautiful turquoise budgie lady. Here you can see how Tara's plumage has improved.

Tara pretends to be a batWhen Tara became a member of my flock, I could see how happy she was about this large space where my birds lived and the many twigs and stuff she could use for climbing and playing. In fact she was a very skilled climber as you can see in the photo on the right. Sometimes she seemed to think that she was a bat, because she loved to hang upside down. Immediately after her arrival, the curious young budgie explored the bird room and the other birds - well, some of them welcomed her with a small fight... Especially the likewise nearly naked Medea wasn't very glad to see Tara at first. But the introduction of the new bird all in all took place peacefully and without any real problems.

Tara and her best friend FolaraSo very soon Tara started making friends with the much taller English Show budgie Folara. The two females became very close friends and Tara often caressed Folara. And sometimes she even snuggled against her friend and covered herself with Folara's long and fluffy feathers. Their friendship lasted until the day Folara died. After losing her best friend, Tara often flirted with the charming male budgie Nik. They became a couple in 2006 and were happy until the day he died in November 2009. Since then, she didn't chose any other mate, but she seemed to feel happy despite of being a single budgie lady among her budgie friends.

Regrettably Tara became very ill by the end of January 2015. I tried everything to treat her infection of the digestive system, but the therapy didn't work. On 02/06/2015, Tara closed her eyes forever. I will miss this charming little lady and keep the memories of her alive.

Tara's colour variety is called light blue Yellowface type 2 in Opaline. There is a slight touch of yellow covering her light blue feathers, therefore budgies of this color variety seem to be coloured rather turquoise than blue.

Meaning of the name
Curious TaraI wanted to continue the tradition to name my budgies after astronomical objects also in this case. But the name should also sound really beautiful - at least after my taste. Thus I decided to name the bird Tara. In Sanskrit, an ancient language which was (and still is) spoken in India, Tara means "star". In addition, Tara in the Hindi mythology is an important person, because this is one of the names of Shiva's wife. Also in the Tibetan Buddhism Tara plays an important role since she is the mother goddess.

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