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  Titan, adopted 07/11/95, † 05/29/00

Titan dreams standing on his mirror Titan was a violet normal budgie. He was the polite gentleman of my flock who smoothed any dispute he noticed in the bird room. Before he came to my home on 07/11/95 by taking some loop ways, he was called Tweety, lived as a single budgie at a family's home together with two children and could talk ("Gib Küsschen" = "Gimme a peck"). After living together with his conspecifics in my flock for a while, he stopped doing that and only spoke the budgie language what absolutely was ok for me. His favourite hobby was chirping vociferous duets with his closest friend Umbriel.

Titan in flight seen from below I was puzzled about the fact that those people have named this shiny cobalt bird after a yellow comic character. This name didn't fit to the bird according to my opinion. So I renamed my new budgie cock and from that day on he was called Titan. One of those above mentioned detours led him to the home of my parents, where he adored their budgie lady Mausi. Unfortunately, she didn't like him at all and my parents decided to give him away. That's how he came to my place and I never regretted that.

According to the numbers shown on his ring, Titan was born in the beginning of the year 1990. On 05/29/00, he died after a short but serious illness. A crop infection became the calamity for my proud and lovely budgie.

Titan doesn't exactly know what to do

Meaning of the name
Titan is a moon with a diameter of 5150 km that sorrounds the huge planet Saturn. In the Greek mythology, the children of Uranus and Gaea are called "Titans". Rhea and Kronos for example were such Titans.

Titan in a calm mood    Shortly before his siesta



















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