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  Torben, adoptiert am 07/02/07, † 11/29/09

Torben Torben had a changeful history. He didn't move into my bird room once, due to turbulent circumstances he did it twice! His strange story began in June 2007. The friendly and gentle little budgie was about four years old then. His former owner kept him together with another bird. But both of them were never allowed to leave their tiny cage. So, in fact he wasn't lonely, but the birds were bored because they were captured like that. When their owner died, the inheritors didn't want to keep the birds and they didn't notice that Torben's friend became ill. Shortly after his mate died, the inheritors decided to bring Torben to the local animal shelter External link. Until this day, the poor little bird had spent nearly all his life in the small cage. Therefore the animal welfare activists were trying to find a new home for the bird where he would become a member of a flock of budgies and where he would be allowed to leave his cage.

Torben after he moved into my bird room for the first timeA very good friend of mine heard about Torben and fell in love with this beautiful and handsome guy. She wanted to give him all the animal welfare activists were looking for since Petra owned a flock of budgies and had a bird room in which the animals lived without being caged. But when Torben was brought to his new home, Petra noticed that something was wrong with his right wing. There were no large feathers and therefore Torben wasn't able to fly. "Well, maybe the feathers will grow back soon because he was just moulting. Hopefully he's a talented climber, so he will get along well in my bird room", she claimed. But regrettably this point of view was far too optimistic...

After a few days in quarantine Torben managed to escape from his (large!) cage while Petra was cleaning it. She was shocked when she saw that he was very clumsy end fell down to the floor. And he couldn't climb up the cage as well. He never had been able to train any of his abilities - neither flying, nor climbing. As it turned out, he wasn't able to move around on his own in Petra's bird room which wasn't safe for disabled birds like him. My friend was despaired when she told me about him.

TorbenI felt so sorry for him, and therefore I spontaneously decided to adopt him because in my bird room - which is suitable for birds with special needs - there was enough space for another flock member. Just a few days ago, my beloved budgie lady Isobella had passed away. Her favourite swing was deserted and waiting for a new bird who would take her place. I'm sure Isobella would have wanted me to give Torben a new home and her resting place. On 2nd of July 2007 Torben moved into my bird room for the first time. Petra was very happy because she knew how much I love birds and how much I care for disabled birds like Torben.

Torben For him, it seemed to be great fun to meet new birds and live in a surrounding that was arranged for flightless and disabled birds. He immediately tried to find new friends among my birds and soon Woodstock was interested in the newly arrived bird. He started to show courtship behaviour towards the turquoise budgie and Torben liked it. But Woodstock didn't become his only friend since Torben was attracted by the female feathered inhabitants of my bird room. In the beginning, he was very clumsy and therefore the hens didn't want him to approach them. He trained his abilities and soon he was able to climb several places in the bird room. And by the end of July, finally his feathers grew back. Each and every day he kept trying to fly. The first attempts were unsuccessfully, but he didn't give up. Two weeks later, he could fly as if he had never been missing this ability. It's no good idea to humanize animals. But believe me; he definitively looked proud when he hovered through the air like a stunt pilot. His self-confidence became stronger and it was so lovely to see him that happy.

TorbenBut this wasn't his happy ending. In October 2007 he made a mistake. Well, in fact he didn't know that he was doing so, but it was no good idea to fall in love with Himalia. She was "married" to another male and therefore Speedy felt very uncomfortable when he saw Torben's mate poaching attempts. Himalia felt pressurized by the turquoise male and tried to hide from him. After another month the crisis came to the point: She was so fed up that she attacked him. And guess what; even though she was a tiny little hen she seriously injured him. A blood vessel in his leg had been hurt and I could hardly stop the bleeding. It took Torben several days to recover from the loss of blood. But he had learned nothing from this incident. Once returned to the bird room, he approached Himalia again. That's when Speedy did no longer accept the rival and fought him violently.

Torben and CecileI immediately separated Torben from the flock to prevent more injuries. Together with Petra I decided that it would be the better choice for him to go back to her home. So on 11/17/2007 he became a member of her flock, again. This time life was much easier for him because he was able to fly. And he soon fell in love again and forgot Himalia. Cecile liked him very much and became his wife, see photo on the right. We really don't know why this harmonic relationship came to an end. Suddenly he left Cecile for another, he fell in love with Maggie and they became a couple.

Torben and his beloved MaggieIn spring 2008, something changed in Petra's life. She had to move to another place, and in her new apartment, she would not be allowed to keep as many birds as she owned. So she had to deliver some of her birds to other budgie friends. We talked about Maggie and Torben and also about Himalia who still lived in my flock, then. Petra was sure that Torben wouldn't keep an eye on Himalia, because he was happily in love with Maggie. We thought it would be worth a try, and therefore on 05/25/2008, Torben moved into my bird room for the second time - together with Maggie, of course. Our decision turned out to be all right, there were no fights between Speedy and Torben, and they even have become close friends!

TorbenI really loved to watch Torben who was always cheerful and so handsome. It was very hard for me to see him become ill in October 2009. His liver was damaged and we fought for his life. At first, Torben felt much better, but a few weeks later, he finally became so ill that I had to see the vet again. On 29/11/2009, there was nothing more I could do for Torben but let the vet put him to sleep. It broke my heart to lose him because he was such a lovely bird.

Torben's colour mutation is called light blue yellowface with a normal plumage drawing.

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