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  Woodstock, adopted on 12/01/06, † 08/10/13

SatyrWhen his former owner, a woman from Bavaria, suddenly got a handicapped bird in 2003, she decided to find him some company. Poor Batzi had been living solitary for six years before he got to Silke's place. She wanted to get a nice female budgie who should be handicapped as well and therefore she contacted some budgie breeders in the area. Together with her boyfriend she drove to one breeder who had told her about two male budgies. They weren't able to fly and many other breeders give such birds to snake owners. Silke feared the two handicapped male birds would end up as snake food and decided to go to the breeder and take them with her. Another breeder offered her a female budgie who couldn't fly. That's how Woodstock, his friend Satyr and the hen named Shaira became the new fellows of Batzi.

Woodstock on a perchThe two flightless guys had a wonderful life in Silke's little flock for many years. While they were living there, Woodstock became a close friend of many other budgies - and he flirted with Satyr's mate Shaira as well what Satyr of course didn't like. Woodstock has always been a daredevil who wanted to be everybody's friend. His shiny yellow plumage and his proud posture emphasize his charm. Because he was so friendly, Satyr wasn't really angry with him and stayed his best buddy even though Woodstock flirted with his lady.

WoodstockAt the end of 2006 Woodstock had to leave his former home because his owner could not take her birds with her when she went to Australia. She was looking for a fondly new home for her disabled male budgies and by the help of Isolde external link who was a member of the German budgie-friends society (so were I) we came in touch with each other. Everything was arranged and on 12/01/2006 Woodstock and Satyr moved to my place. They had to take a long journey from Bavaria to Northrhine-Westphalia, but they were fine when they arrived at my home in the evening. After visiting my avian vet and a short period of quarantine they were allowed to move into my bird room. Shortly after becoming a member of my flock Woodstock felt fine in the new surrounding. All other flock members liked him, even my Linnies accepted him quite fast which is not typical for these sceptical birds.

WoodstockIt is not sure why Woodstock was unable to fly. The doctor couldn't tell it after so many years. Most probably something happened to him when he was very young. One possible reason could be an injury of the shoulder, or possibly his wing was broken. Regrettably he had no strength in his wings and couldn't even glide through the air. But when he was still young, he was able to run and clamber quite fast and well. But when he got older, his bones and joints also did and therefore he didn't move that fast any longer. He moved slower and sometimes hopped instead of walking. This looked quite funny because sometimes he used his wings to stabilize his hopping and he somehow reminded me of a kangaroo. A shiny yellow and tiny kangaroo jerking through the bird room and obviously having fun while doing so.

Woodstock and his friend JohnIn May 2008, Woodstock became a close friend of John who was very old when he arrived at my place. The two males were so in love that they even slept on the same swing each night. When John died in December 2008, his friend gave him fondness, warmth and tenderness until the very last breath. This friendship was very special and kind of typical for Woodstock. He was always big-hearted and caring. I think Woodstock's friendship was the best thing that could happen to John and I'm glad they have been there for each other.

Fralie and Woodstock were a happy coupleAfter his friend passed away, Woodstock had no partner until one of his flock members lost her mate as well. As if he sensed that she didn't feel good, in summer 2010 Woodstock tenderly comforted Fralie who enjoyed this much and fell in love with him, see photo on the right. Since then, they have been a happy couple until Fralie died in July 2011. After loosing her, Woodstock was very sad after and he stayed alone for a while. Maybe his wounds had to heal, who knows? But finally he started flirting with Indira who was his girlfriend until the day he died.

WoodstockOn 08/10/2013 all seemed to be as usual. It was a beautiful day - warm and sunny, not too hot. I went outside to get some fresh halfripe native grasses and some wild herbs for my birds. In the afternoon I served this food and my birds were so happy to get their favourite snack. As he always did, Woodstock ate from the halfripe grasses and everyting seemed to be ok. No sign of illness or weakness, all was fine. It still was when I had a look at my birds at about 6 p.m. But then, shortly after 9 p.m., I found Woodstock dead. He was laying on the ground as if he would sleep. Since he was quite old (at least ten years, maybe older) I think that his heart stopped beating because of infirmity. I'm so glad he didn't have to suffer a long and painful disease. Woodstock passed peacefully surrounded by his feathered friends.

His colour mutation is called continental pied in light green. The green parts of his plumage were placed on his lower body half and especially on the back.

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