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Black elderThe high season for collecting ripe wild berries and other fruit that look berries starts in late summer and lasts for some weeks. Many berries can be found in nature from July/August to October. Most parrot birds and of course budgies love to eat the tiny juicy fruits of trees and shrubs. All kind of edible berries that are mentioned in this catecory of Birds Online are native to Central Europe. These berries - like all berries from other parts of the world - can be frozen for winter so that you have fresh food for the cold season. Please notice: Do not pick too many berries for your pet birds because our native wild birds need this kind of energetic food for surviving fall and winter.

If you think that a species of berries is missing within this category please feel free to contact me via e-mail. It would be fine if somebody could give me further photos for my food pages.








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