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  Osiris and Oskar, the guardians of the food boxesBird seeds must be stored in a cool and dry place to remain fresh and healthy as long as possible. For those of you who only keep one or two budgies or pet birds, you will be fine with standard size food packs from your local supermarket. If you keep more than two budgies or even a small flock of those parakeets, it might be a good idea to buy food in greater amounts from specialised dealers or from specialised and well-assorted pet shops. If you buy bird seeds in bulk, they are best stored in hermetic containers or plastic boxes. For storing treats and pasture seeds, freezing boxes are suitable containers (see picture above).

Such containers have the advantage that parasites that are possibly brought into your house with grains or seeds cannot spread to other bird seeds. Check the bird food in the containers regularly for parasites. If the food smells odd or sticks together this might be caused by starch-eating parasites, which usually agglomerate at the bottom of containers. Throw away infested bird seeds immediately and wash or disinfect the container they were stored in.

Freezing grains and seeds is another convenient and hygienic way of keeping them fresh over a long period or during a hot summer. But there is a problem: Once you take the seeds from the freezer, the humidity will be a problem. The cold seeds will mist over and after thawing they will remain a bit moist. This moisture can cause mold. Especially the seed mixtures for larger parakeets and for parrots contain some grains that often gol moldy under such circumstances.

How long can you store bird food?
Bird food that is stored in plastic boxes stays fresh for about three to six months. Then the decay of the vitamins starts to show its negative effects and the food isn't as healthy as in the beginning. After one year, most nutrients have gone.

If you want to store your bird food longer than half a year you can freeze it. In a freezer it will stay fresh and healthy for about two years.

Other important details
In case you don't freeze the bird seeds but store them in plastic boxes please make sure to place them in a cool and dry place. And there should be no permanent artificial light or direct sunlight. Warmth and light speed up the decay of the nutrients and therefore it is reasonable to store bird seeds in a dark place. 

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