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  Linnie Costa at the water cupBeside the daily portion of bird seeds and fresh food budgies and other pet birds always need fresh and clean drinking water. In Germany one can use water from the tap because it is absolutely clean. If you live in a country where tap water is not drinkable, you can use bottled still water as drinking water for your birds.

It is necessary to renew the drinking water of your budgie at least once a day. You can use special small cups or water dispensers, which you can buy in pet shops for little money. In a large aviary you could set up a plate with water which the animals will probably use as a bath as well. Therefore, you should clean the plate regularly.

If you add vitamins or medicine to the drinking water, you must be even more careful. Almost all drinking water additions contain a lot of sugar which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore you better should wash the cups or plates twice a day as hot as possible. Small tubes in which drinking water is served can easily be kept clean by using small bottle cleaners and cosmetic tips.

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