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  A budgie nibbles some breadBesides seeds, grains and all kind of fresh food like fruits, vegetables or native grasses there is some other food which is healthy for budgies and other pet birds. In addition to that, pet shops offer an abundance of food supplements and powders for supporting a bird's health. These food supplements are are more or less expensive and focus on different health aspects. Whether feeding a bird on such supplements is reasonable or necessary or not cannot be said in general, it depends on the situation in each indivitual case. So you should discuss this topic with your vet during your next appointment.

In this subcategory of Birds Online you can find further information on such food supplements and on other food pet birds are allowed to eat. Please feel free to drop me a line and share your experience with me if you think that there is something missing in this subcagtegory. Finally, I would like to stress that it's not my aim to make any certain products become more popular. This subcategory is meant to be a source of neutral information.

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