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  A budgie enjoying free flight Budgerigars and other birds need a lot of free flight; in fact as much as possible. This feature was given to them by the evolution. Nature gave them wings because they are airborne creatures. Certainly it would be ideal if budgies could fly freely the whole day. This is possible either in a big aviary if a budgie keeper has one in a garden or he has a safe room for the birds adapted to this purpose. The reference to the typical sources of danger for budgies you can find in the same named chapter in the near future (the chapter needs to be translated into English first).

Of course it is possible to buy or to build an indoor aviary* or outdoor aviary. In such aviaries the budgies - hopefully you keep more than one budgie! - can rampage at pleasure. If you have a smaller aviary or even a normal cage for your birds, enable them the free flight out of aviary or cage for at least four hours per day - the longer, the better.

Ready for take-off - a male budgie starts to flyIt is a vexation for the birds if they have to be sitting in their cage permanently. Would you like to be locked in a room yourself all day long? I do not think so. Therefore think over whether your budgies will be allowed to fly freely several hours per day in your room and whether you are able to adapt your room adequately for safe free flight of your birds.

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