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Budgies as a gift? Each year right before Christmas, an unpleasant odyssey starts for a huge number of pet birds. Spontaneously, somebody has the idea of giving a pet bird to somebody else. In many cases, people loose their interest in the new bird very quickly. They start to neglect the pet and a few weeks later, the poor creature will be given away. Especially budgies are known as a "cheap" gift and from about the middle of January, many of them can be found in the animal shelters. They are full of Christmas gifts that have become vexatious every year. If you plan to give away a budgie as a gift, you should be absolutely sure that the person you want to give it to is really interested in pet birds. Furthermore, she or he should be able to give the bird a good home and all the affection a budgie needs. By the way, in Germany, many pet shops stop selling budgies in November, because the staff does not want the birds to end up as an unwanted gift. As a bird lover and animal protector, I am very pleased by this laudable behavior!

But of course there are many people who would like to receive a budgie as a gift. In such cases, you should think about getting a budgie from the animal shelter or a "secondhand-budgie" from a newspaper ad. There are many budgies who are unwanted and who would be very happy about a new home where they will be loved for being who they are, even if they don't speak!

Cute budgie Please think about it twice if you want to give a budgie as a gift to a child. Experts and psychologists recommend that the child must be at least ten years old. Younger children mostly are not able to accept the full responsibility for a pet. The daily feeding or the sanitation of the cage overstrain most kids who are younger than ten. Even more complicated is the situation if you plan to give a budgie to a child that is younger than six. Up to this age, children learn about their physical strength without knowing their force. If a very young child grips a tame bird too heavily, this could kill the budgie in the worst case. Beyond this, it surely is a very bad experience for a child to be responsible for the death of an animal!

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