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  In case you found an escaped budgie outside, both - you and the budgie - will surely be very excited in the first moments. Wrong decisions are made easily in situations like these. If you want to avoid the typical mistakes people make after finding a budgie, you should stay calm because this is the best thing one can do for your own birds and the found one. Please do not bring your budgies in contact with the one you found! Outside, the keet could have been infected with a lot of diseases you should better keep out of your flock/bird.

First of all, one should serve food and fresh water to the recently found budgie, because in most cases, an exotic bird that escaped from a cage is not able to find food outside. While the bird is feeding, you should watchfully observe it from some distance. Is the bird injured? How does the plumage look around the vent? Is it wet and sticky? Are there parasites on the feathers? Does the budgie behave or smell remarkably? Please try to notice as many details as you can and write everything down immediately! You also have to inspect the droppings and note some information on their consistency. Always bear in mind that you are a foreigner and potential danger for the bird, which enormously affects its behavior. The bird will perhaps act normal although it does not feel well. Therefore it is advised to bring the bird to a veterinarian who will have a look at the health conditions of the budgie. Please take your notes with you; they will be helpful for the vet doing his diagnosis. Probably the veterinary will tell you to quarantine the budgie for a while. Even if the bird looks healthy to you and even if it's calling for your budgies, please think of the danger of a contagious disease and don't put it into your flock of budgies.

Supposedly the budgie's owner is desperately seeking his lost pet bird. Budgies can make long distances in short times as they are perfect flyers. Therefore it is not enough to put a notice ("Budgie found") for example on the bulletin board of the supermarket around the corner. You should also check the ads in your newspaper or perhaps you would like to advertise that you have found a budgie.

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