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  Budgie nibbles from the liver sausageAre budgies allowed to nibble of the food on their owner's plate? In fact there is no general answer to this question. Some food is extremely harmful for budgies whereas other food is very healthy. If you eat fresh fruit or vegetable for example, the birds are allowed to eat it as well. Also cooked, unsalted rice is fine for budgies and other pet birds - as long as the rice isn't too hot. Dried rolls and rusk are a great snack, too - but only in little quantities.

If you want to offer something special to your birds from time to time, let them have a bit of honey. My budgies love the sweet taste of this natural food. But don't forget that honey contains lots of calories and therefore it shouldn't be offered too often. And pet birds who suffer from a candidiasis or from avian gastric yeast shouldn't eat any sugar or honey.

One thing you should never offer to your pet birds is salted, oily or spicy (hot) food. Also beverages containing caffeine or alcohol are not healthy for them. Lactose is hard to digest for birds, it causes diarrhoea in most cases. Cocoa and chocolate can be very dangerous for parrots and parakeets because for them it is poisonous.

If you want to be sure that the food you offer to your birds won't do any harm, don't let them pinch anything from your plate. Apart from the above mentioned health risks there is another danger: Human food is served hot in general and birds could be seriously burned by it. My vet told me a shocking story of a budgie who landed in a plate filled with hot, nearly boiling broth. The poor bird died because his whole body was scalded. You should always make sure your birds can't get in touch with any of your hot food.

If you like to eat together with your feathered friends, you should make them become used to eating from their own little plate. A saucer with healthy snacks such as fresh food or vegetable will make your birds happy without any risks.

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