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For a bird owner it is highly important to know a competent vet since budgies and other pet birds are fragile and sensitive animals. The best choice is a vet who is specialized in treating birds, a so-called avian vet. Regrettably, there are only few avian vets in most countries. The bigger part of the vets is specialized in small animals like cats or dogs or in livestock, but not in birds. If a bird's life is in danger, those vets often don't know how to treat a bird because they're not skilled to do so.

In order to avoid such frustrating or from the bird's point of view even lethal situations, you should find a competent avian vet before there is a emergency. If you like to know how much a certain vet knows about bird diseases, just ask him or her. Many vets will honestly tell you whether they have the knowledge and experience to treat birds or not.

In many cases you can learn more about your vet's skills by having a look at what he or she is doing with your birds. Vets who don't know much about treating pet birds tend to treat birds with an antibiotic or a kind of "tonic" without further examinations or tests. An avian vet would know that antibiotics are not useful or necessary in each case. Further investigation has to be done to find out more about the cause for a disease, e.g. bacteria, germs or parasites.

Another thing that tells you more about your vet is if he or she says "There is nearly nothing one can do to help pet birds. It is impossible to treat such small animals". This isn't true. Avian vets would know what to do and very often they're able to save a bird's life while their colleagues who are not specialized in treating birds wouldn't be able to do so.

You should always keep in mind that vets who are specialized in treating small animals are fine if you need help for example when your bird suffers from a small injury or if you have observed symptoms of burrowing mites on your bird. If the disease is too complicated, an honest and conscious vet will hopefully tell you that he or she is unable to help your bird and will refer to an avian vet then.

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