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There are soft, white feathers around a budgie's ventIn birds you can find only one posterior opening that serves for different purposes. This opening is part of the vent or cloaca. Birds excrete their faeces and their urine from the cloaca and it also plays an important role in reproduction: Male birds excrete sperm from the cloaca opening and while female birds lay their eggs, they are released through this posterior opening.

This posterior opening is not the whole cloaca but only its visible part. The cloaca is a part of the digestive tract and it is a small chamber with a mucous membrane. In some cases this tissue can slip through the posterior opening. Vets talk about a cloacal prolapse. In most cases, female birds are affected by this health complication while they're laying their eggs. But also male birds can be affected by it. A cloacal prolapse is a life-threatening condition!

In budgies, the part of the body close to the posterior opening is covered by white down which is clean as long as the bird is healthy. If a bird suffers from diarrhoea or polyuria, faeces or urine stick to these feathers in many cases.

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