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  Here you can see what it looks like when a diamond dove loses feathers due to a shockThe feather loss due to a shock is not really a plumage disease. More likely, it is a natural protection reflex of the bird's body. Wild living birds sometimes get into dangerous situations, that can even be life-threatening. If they are caught by an enemy or get stuck somewhere, within just a second tail and steering feathers (the small feathers next to the tail feathers) can drop out. Also a part of the small plumage can be affected. Due to this painless loss of feathers often the bird is able to escape and the enemy just keeps the old feathers in the claws.

These feather losses due to a shock usually are very rare in case of pet birds. A typical situation for such a feather loss could be the visit of an avian vet. For the bird, the treatment room is threatening, strange environment. If it is chased by hands and caught, it might happen that it loses its' feathers. But this should not keep you from taking your budgie to a vet, as the feather loss does not cause any harm.

Feathers lost due to a shock regrow after a few days or weeks. This makes sure the bird has not to wait until the next Regular moult to be completely feathered again.

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