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  A budgie with a light form of a delayed moltIf a budgie suffers from the so-called Delayed moult, it loses its feathers around the neck in a short time. There are less dramatically cases in which the moult seemingly passes like a normal moult. But the new feathers then stuck in the quills and covers. In total, the plumage of a bird suffering from the Delayed moult is dull and lackluster. Often it is stubby and disheveled. Some feather tips are discoloured blackish brown.

The Delayed moult is caused by different reasons. Often a lack of minerals and/or amino acids is responsible for the plumage dysfunction. But also hormonal dysfunctions or intense stress caused e.g. by mass keeping or participation in bird exhibitions can make the bird suffer from Delayed moult.

A budgie showing this moult problem should be treated by an avian vet who investigates the reasons for the Delayed moult together with the keeper. It might become necessary to change the bird's lodging or nutrition in order to help the bird permanently.

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