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  Everybody is interested in what is happening in Athens these days where the Olympic games take place. Most people haven't even heard about the Budgie Olympics that are being held during the same time in the tiny town of Psittaculoniki in Greece which is too small to be shown on any map.

Like us humans, budgies from all of the world took part in games where the best of them won their "tickets" to Psittaculoniki. Never before in the history of the Budgie Olympic games were the feathered athletes as fit as today. Birds Online invites you to have a look at what the birds are doing over there in Greece.

The referees

They are a must for each contest: the referees. In Psittaculoniki, they guarantee fair play and objective voting.

Three referees
O. J. Orpheus (Australia), V. Vivianova (Russia) and P. Polluxos (Greece) on their observation branch. The three referees always judge fair.

The sports

There are lots of different contests the budgies take part in. The following paragraphs tell you more about the sports.

Nesting box gymnastics (females only)
Nesting box gymnastics

Egg turning (females only)
Egg turning

Eagle pantomime (both sexes)
Eagle pantomime
The photo shows the dainty Himalia Hernandez-Lopéz from Spain while she presents her perfect imitation of a Khirgisian veldt eagle. Even her facial expression is harmonious.

Fancy diving (males only)
Fancy diving
He is one of the most self-confident athletes who take part in the games: Max Masters from the UK. Before showing his impressive style and muscular effort he takes a closer look at the diving board.

Twig exercises (both sexes)
Twig exercises
This athlete is moving so extremely fast that no camera can get sharp photos.

Figure walking (both sexes)
Figure walking
You won't believe it if you haven't seen it with your own eyes. The bones of Ronny Rijk from the Netherlands seem to be made of rubber.

Free dance (both sexes)
Free dance
With grace and sweetness, lovely Danielle D'Arabelle, France, swirls over the branch. Her choreographies are an exciting mixture of cheerleading and Salsa.

Penguin shifting (males only)
Penguin shifting
The rules are easy, but the winning is tricky: Budgies who take part in this contest have to shift a plastic penguin without walking and without using their beak over a distance of 30 centimetres as fast as possible.

Marathon mating (males only)
Marathon mating
Oskar Oberdörfler from Switzerland seems to be quite self-concentrated during the last 20 minutes of the three hours contest. The assistant of his trainer lends him a hand to make sure he can continue until the end - and maybe reach for gold.

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