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Welcome to Birds Onlineit's nice to have you here on my website. Now that you found it, you can inform yourself about keeping budgies appropriate to the species. Not all the content you can find on my German pages is available in English by now. I am heavily working on a translation, so please come back from time to time. Topics that are not unterlined and written in red will follow in the future (see navigation bar on the left).

It would be fine if you could enter the name of your budgie into my Statistics on Names. Please feel free to enter the names of the budgies of your frieds and relatives as well.

The above pictured lady is called Nellie. She belongs to a very rare species that is named "Sulphur-crested Red-shoed Cockatoo". This species does only exist on my homepage and therefore it is strictly protected. Many visitors asked me about the origin of the drawings. I invented Nellie and drew them all myself.

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