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  Bubi, adopted on 11/29/06, † 09/16/11

Bubi with the chubby cheeksWhen I first heard of Bubi he was just a few months old and was owned by a nice lady who livef in my town. Some years ago I met her because the staff of the local animal shelter introduced her to me. She was looking for somebody who would care for her birds while she was on holiday and I accepted to look after her budgies. Since then, every time she went on holiday her budgies stayed in my bird room, and so did the green male budgie Bubi. In winter 2005 he became the new partner of the very old budgie lady Hansi, he was born in August 2005. When they spent their holidays in my bird room, Hansi and Bubi were very happy and they became close friends of my budgies. When Hansi died because of a tumour in November 2006, Bubi suddenly was alone and suffering from loneliness. His owner wanted to make him happy again and therefore she contacted me and asked me to adopt him. On 11/29/2006 he became an official member of my flock.

BubiActually I only adopt handicapped birds because the bird room is furnished in a way that animals with special needs can live there without any problems. Anyhow I accepted to adopt Bubi because he was a friend of my birds and after losing his partner this was the best idea to keep him happy. It was the right decision to give him a new home because he was obviously very happy because of being a flock member.Since he was still quite young, he was cheerful, nimble and he brought so much joy to the other birds who loved to sing, fly or climb with him or just perch right next to him.

Bubi and his beloved PhoebeEspecially the female flock members liked Bubi - he was an irresistible charmer. Right after he became a flock member, he tried very hard to impress the beautiful Phoebe. The problem was: She was mated with Speedy, another flock member. But this guy constantly flirted with other budgie hens despite being her partner. That's why one day Phoebe was fed up with this unfaithfulness. She fell in love with Bubi and became his wife. They have been a very happy couple until the day she died in July 2011.

Beautiful BubiAfter he had lost his beloved partner, he wasn't as happy as before and I guess that his grief was one of the reasons why Bubi's short and serious illness caused his death just a few weeks later. On the morning of 09/16/11 I recognized that Bubi's droppings have changed overnight. They looked as if he was suffering from a liver failure. He also showed other typical symptoms such as yellow skin and iris and dizziness. When I palpated his belly, I found out that his liver was enormously large. This swelling hasn't been there a few days before when I caught him for cutting his toe nails. Most probably a liver tumour that had grown very fast was the reason for Bubi's poor health. He died on 09/16/11, regrettably I wasn't able to save his life. His feathered friends and I, we miss him very much.

BubiBubi's colour mutation is the same like the wild budgies from Australia. It's called normal in light green. I have no idea why he always fluffed up the feathers in his face, but these chubby cheeks were his "brand" and they were really enchanting.

He could keep his name even though in general I rename my new birds when they move into my flock. Most of my birds have suffered cruelties at their former owner's places and therefore as a symbol for a new chapter in their life they got their new names. In his former home, Bubi was always loved and petted. He never made any bad experience with humans. Therefore I didn't change his name because I think it wasn't necessary at all.





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