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  Cordelia, adopted on 01/04/04, † 07/27/05

Beautiful Cordelia After unintentionally taking a long way round, on the 4th of January 2004 this cute budgie hen moved into my bird room. A while before that she was taken from her former home by an animal rights activist. She went to Oberhausen and took the bird away from its home since the former owner didn't want her any more. When she was still living in his home, she was part of a little flock. Their owner claimed that his birds got free flight every day for many hours. Once the budgie lady lost orientation and crashed into a window. From that day on, her wing was dropped. Regrettably, the former owner didn't bring her to a vet. As it seems, something in her shoulder was broken and since it wasn't fixed, she became unable to fly. The man still didn't notice her handicap and gave her away.

The lovable Cordelia Shortly after she has been given to another budgie-friend who lives in the town on Herten, Cordelia moved into her new home where two young girls wanted to care for her. Since that day nobody knew that the budgie isn't able to fly. When the girls noticed that, the budgie-friend got Cordelia back to her place again. Living in a home with children would have been too dangerous for a bird who runs around the floor all day long.

Regrettably the budgie couldn't stay in the home of the budgie-friend due to many reasons - another home had to be found for her. It was in a budgie forum where I read about the bird's destiny. I thought it is time to give Cordelia a place where she can stay for the rest of her life, and so she moved into my bird room.

A dream in turquoise A few minutes after her arrival she already seemed to be a part of my flock. It seemed as if she never knew anything else than living among my birds. Within the flock she could hardly be noticed because she was so gentle. When there were quarrels she just went away, and when the birds sang out loud, she immediately joined the choir. Her exact age was unknown, I presume she was about three to five years old when she came to my place.

In March 2004 she was there for her friend Pollux who had just lost his former wife. He was full of grief then, but Cordelia tenderly comforted him and conquered his heart. Until June 2005 they remained a happy couple. Pollux suddenly turned away from her and found himself another girlfriend. This didn't make Cordelia too sad because she had become very quiet. In July 2005 she became seriously ill. An infection made her become thinner and thinner, and all my tries to save her life failed. On 07/27/2005 my beloved little friend closed her eyes forever. I will never forget her joy of living and her charme. Cordelia will always remain in my heart.

The colour mutation of this beautiful budgie hen is called yellowface type 2 in light blue. This special mutation makes blue feathers seem turquoise due to a touch of yellow that mixes with the other colour.

Meaning of the name
Like most of my other birds, this hen was named after an astronomical object. Cordelia is a moon of the planet Uranus; its diameter is only 26 km. This moon was named after one of the characters who act in Shakespeare's tales. In "King Lear" Cordelia was the king's daughter.













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