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  Flori, adopted in Sept '96, † 01/26/98

Super-Flori In former times, Flori lived together with another budgie in the home of an old friend of mine. After his feathered wife passed away in September '96, my friend decided to bring Flori to my home because he was full of grief after losing his companion. His frustration vanished immediately after arriving in his new home. Flori fell in love with my delightful lady Elara who adored him as well. Up to his sudden death at the age of eight years in the end of January '98, they were a lovely couple.

Flori while he is singing With his shiny green colour and his yellow face and the yellow-black drawing on his wings, Flori was exactly looking like the wild budgies from Australia. His colour mutation is called normal green.

Since Flori was quite old when I adopted him, I didn't rename him, so he didn't carry an astronomical name like many of my other budgies do.



































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