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  Tethys, adopted on 05/01/02, † 10/25/02

Tethys when she was very young On the first of May 2002, a lively and very young budgie moved into my bird room: Tethys. The poor bird was no destiny's child. A few days after hatching, Tethys showed the first symptoms of a disease called French Molt. This disease makes budgies become incapable of flight for the rest of their lives.

The breeder in whose aviary the cute bird was born, sold Tethys to a budgie fan who wanted to give her a good home even though she is handicapped. All other birds of this budgie keeper didn't take notice of the chick who was not able to fly with the flock. Young Tethys became very sad, so her keeper decided to give her to another home where disabled budgies would take care of the sweet hen. That's how Tethys came to my bird room where she joined the other flightless birds like Wega and Jupiter.

Tethys chews on half-ripe millet spray From the beginning on, Tethys enjoyed being a part of my flock. But she was no lucky budgie lady. In the evening of 10/25/02, a horrible scream went through my flat. I ran into my bird room and found Tethys doing her last breath. She broke her neck in an accident that took place in a room that I tought would be completely safe for budgies. I will never know what exactly happened, she was lying in front of her cage that was standing on the floor. Regrettably there was nothing I could do to make her breathe again. The only thing that's left for me to do is to hope that this lovable and charming bird always felt good here at my place. She was a very beautiful Yellowface in dark grey.

Meaning of the name
Tethys in portrait According to my old tradition, I named this budgie after an astronomical object. I was inspired by one of Saturn's moons that has a diameter of 1060 km. In Greek mythology, Tethys was the powerful godess of the sea who was the sister and wife of Oceanus, both.
























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