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  There are three common plantain species that play a role in bird nutrition. One of them is the greater plantain (Plantago major), occasionally called common plantain. Between May and October, the greater plantain shows white flowers along its inflorescences. They up to 30 cm tall. Half-ripe and ripe seeds can be found from June to early November. In each tiny fruit, there are four small grains. Budgies prefer the greater plantain when its seeds are half-ripe. The huge leaves and of course the inflorescences/seeds are fine food for birds. You can also freeze the half-ripe fruits/seeds of the Greater plantain for the winter when there are no fresh plants available outside.

Importance in naturopathy
Each part of this weed has a slight antibacterial effect. Served as an infusion or as fresh food, the greater plantain helps against diarrhoea. You can also use the infusion against conjunctivitis.

Please do never use the greater plantain as the only medicament. A sick budgie must be brought to a vet as soon as possible because its life depends on an efficient medical treatment!

Greater plantain

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