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  Half-ripe seeds of the stinging nettleMost people can't imagine that stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) or the Small nettle (Urtica urens) can be served as healthy bird food. Protected by thick gloves, one can pick half-ripe and ripe seeds from August to October. If you want to keep them fresh for a long time, just freeze them for the winter season. The photo on the right shows half-ripe seeds of the Stinging nettle. During the ripening their colour changes from green to black, see photo below.

Ripe seeds of the stinging nettleYou can also serve the finest tips of the stinging nettle to any kind of pet bird. Admittedly one should pour some hot water over the leafs for neutralizing the stinging substances before serving them to the birds. The fresh sprouts are extremely rich of vitamins and minerals. Some bird couples use them for feeding their chicks. Just cut the leafs into small pieces and mix them into the hatching food while your budgies have to care for their brood.

Importance in naturopathy
Stinging nettleA very long time ago, people discovered the health benefits of the stinging nettles and started to use herbal tea made from these plants. Such infusions can be used for blood cleansing or for supporting the therapy of cystitis because of its diuretic qualities.

Not only humans can make use of those helpful effects of the stinging nettle. Birds that suffer from any kidney problems can be fed with young stinging nettle leafs in addition to the medicaments your vet recommended to you. If your bird suffers from a poisoning, you can also serve some leafs of the stinging nettle to your little feathered friend. The forage will help its body deposit the toxic stuff.

Please do never use stinging nettles as the only medicament. A sick budgie must be brought to a vet as soon as possible because its life depends on an efficient medical treatment!

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