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  This budgie loves to eat celery stalksVegetables are a very important part of a healthy nutrition for pet birds. Even most picky birds can become used to vegetables if their owners offer this fresh food regularly. There are many sorts of vegetables which are suitable for feeding pet birds. But even though most vegetables are tasty and healthy it is important to consider how they have been grown. Some vegetables are contamined with pesticide residues. These toxic substances can cause severe poisonings in pet birds. Such poisonings can damage organs or even be fatal. Therefore bird owners should choose organic vegetables or grow them in a garden without using pesticides.

Healthy sorts of vegetables:
Aubergine (Eggplant) Beetroot (fresh) Broccoli Brussels sprouts (sliced)
Cabbage turnip Carrot Cauliflower Celery stalks
Chard (mangel) Chicory Chinese cabbage Corn (milky & soft)
Cucumber Curly kale Egg plant (Aubergine) Endive
Fennel Garlic1 Green peas (pods) Iceberg lettuce
Jerusalem artichoke Kohlrabi Lamb's lettuce Leek1
Lettuce (various sorts) Onion1 Pak Choi Parsnip
Peppers Potato
(cooked without salt)
Pumpkin Purslane
Radish Rocket (Roquette) Rutabaga Salsify (whole plant)
Snow Pea Sorrel Spinach Spring onion1
Sweet potato (cooked) Tomato Turnip tops
(turnip greens)
Zucchini (courgette)

1) Some literature sources state that onions, spring onions, leek and garlic are harmful to birds because the substances they contain can burst the red blood cells and thus lead to anaemia. However, other sources say that these foods are harmless to birds when served in small quantities. I myself have fed small quantities to my birds so far and there have never been any health problems.

Please do never offer Avocado to your pet birds. It's too fatty and what is more important: The parts near the kernel (seeds) are toxic for birds!

Do you think there is any sort of fresh vegetables missing on this page? If so, please feel free to drop me a line. Thank you!

We love vegetables!

Food clips - where can you get them?

Dear international readers, I recieved several messages with the question where one can buy the food clips like the one that is shown in the picture above. I live in Germany and I suppose it won't be helpful for you to know where you could buy them in my country. Regrettably I can't answer that question for each and every other country in the world, but I think that it's quite easy for you to find a shop that will ship these clips to your country.

There are several shops that provide clips like these and it is worth a try to search Amazon or Ebay. Here is a list of terms you can try for your research via a search engine, this is how these food holders are called in English:

Millet clips
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