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  Half-ripe French white milletMost people know millet from bird food (seed mixtures) or from millet sprays. But it can also be served as fresh food when it's half-ripe. In early spring, you can sow some millet in your garden. From about July on, there will be half-ripe millet. In some parts of the world like Germany, most sorts of millet will only become ripe in hot summers. But that doesn't matter anyway since it is intended to use it as bird food when it's half-ripe. The photo in this paragraph shows some half-ripe french millet.

Half-ripe green foxtail (Setaria viridis)You can sow all sorts of grains as for example french white millet, japanese millet, red panicum or panicum millet. And even if you don't have a garden but only a balcony you can try to grow millet. If you grow millet in flower pots the plants will not grow very tall but in many cases it is possible to harvest some half-ripe millet in late summer.


Millet  Millet

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