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  Rosette of the dandelion Everybody knows the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). But most people do not know that the leafs of this common plant are a delicacy for budgies and other pet birds. They all prefer young and fresh sprouts because they taste very mild. If you offer dandelion to your birds for the first time, please do not give them too much of this forage plant at once. The milky juice inside of the leafs leads to diarrhoea in the beginning, but you don't have to worry about that if it stops after a short while. As soon as the digestive tract of the budgies got used to the juice you can offer bigger portions of dandelion leafs.

A dandelion leafFresh dandelion can be picked from March to November. You should also try if your birds like to eat dandelion that was frozen before being served. If they do so, you can freeze some dandelion for the winter season.

Importance in naturopathy
Dandelion is used for cleaning the blood and for stimulating the glands. Furthermore, dandelion is diuretic and appetizing. For budgies with any kind of trouble with their kidneys, dandelion is a very helpful food because it makes the birds feel better quickly and it contains a lot of vitamins.

Please do never use dandelion as the only medicament. A sick budgie must be brought to a vet as soon as possible because its life depends on an efficient medical treatment!

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