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  Common chickweedThe Common chickweed (Stellaria media) is the most important forage plant for birds. Even picky animals love this plant that smells a little bit like spinach. Known as a typical weed, the common chickweed can be found in gardens, on meadows and in forests during the whole year. Even in winter, one can find delicate chickweed plants beneath the snow cover.

Budgies prefer half-ripe seed pods of the common chickweed. When half-ripe, the small seeds are still white and a bit milky, but the birds also like ripe seed pods. Common chickweed wilts quickly. Therefore, you should always offer only as much as your birds will eat in a short time. Chickweed is not very suitable for freezing, because the delicate leaves do not look good after being frozen once. They are wet and most birds don't like to eat them.

A good idea is to collect seeds from wild plants and grow chickweed in flower pots or boxes.











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