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  Flowers and leaves of the cow vetch Leaves, flowers and seeds of the cow vetch (Vicia cracca) are a highly appreciated delicacy for many budgies and other pet birds. Not each bird likes the green parts of the plant. But if you offer the seeds to your little friends, they will greedily eat them. Cow vetches reach a length of about 1.5 meters and sprawl along other plants where they fix themselves with their nooses. From June to August, one can find the purple flowers of the cow vetch and the half-ripe seed pods, too.

Half-ripe seed pods (see left photo below) and the tiny seeds inside of them seem to be very tasty. My budgies love to nibble this food. When the seeds of the cow vetch have become ripe, the seed pods are brown or black (see right photo below).

Half-ripe seed pods of the cow vetch  Ripe seed pods of the cow vetch
Half-ripe seed pods                                   Ripe seed pods       

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