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  Flower of a wild teaselWild teasels (Dipsacus fullonum) are fairly impressive plants. They are up to 1,5 or 2 metres tall. Habitats such as pasture, road sides, stream banks or even scree slopes are places where you can find the wild teasel. It flowers from July to August. Another common name of this species is Fuller's teasel. Half-ripe and ripe seeds can be found in nature from August to October. Many pet birds, e.g. finches, love to eat these seeds. Parrots like budgies have to get used to this kind of food from nature first. So just keep on trying if your birds don't eat the seeds immediately.

Attention: These plants protect their seeds with long hard pricks. Before serving teasels to your birds, you should shorten those pricks and cut the seedheads into two or more pieces.

Wild teasels in their natural habitat            Half-ripe seedhead of a wild teasel
  Wild teasels in their natural habitat                Half-ripe seedhead                  






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