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  Seed mixture for budgiesAt pet shops or other stores, one can find different seed mixtures for budgies or other pet birds. The prices vary in a large range and most people might think that the most expensive mixtures are the healthiest ones. This is not always true, so you have to know what is important about bird food. Some of those seeds seem to be ok concerning the expiry date on the package. But is this food really fresh and healthy? What about the nutrients? If food is stored in a wrong way or if it was exposed to the sun or heat, the vitamins decay and in the worst case the seeds are no longer fresh. The healthy contents may have been destroyed long before you bought the food and even if you serve it to your pets immediately. If this happens, the lack of vitamins may cause severe health problems.

Let's point this out: I am not saying that every seed mixture is bad or too old. But I made too many bad experiences with cheap seed mixtures. Therefore I have decided to buy seed mixtures from special retailers who offer food for parrots only. Many of these retailers can be found on the internet.

How fresh is your bird food?
A lineoleted parakeet eats some seedsThose of you who want to check how fresh the bird food actually is can easily test it. First you have to pick 100 grains and put them into water for about six to eight hours. After this period, pour off the water and keep the seeds in a warm place for about 24 hours. The seeds have to be moist all the time, otherwise they won't be able to sprout. After 24 hours, you should count the sprouted grains and the ones that have not sprouted. Of course not each and every grain will sprout within those 24 hours, but if the ratio of sprouted and un-sprouted grains is less than 1:1, the food most probably is too old. The seed mixtures that I order from specialised bird food retailers shows about 95 % of sprouted seeds within such tests.

In this subcategory of Birds Online you will find a number of seeds that are described and shown in detail. Please note: It is not recommended to create own mixtures of bird seeds from single ingredients because budgies and other pet birds need a well balanced diet and it is complicated to fulfill their body's needs concerning energy, minerals and vitamins by mixing seeds haphazardly. If you can get a recipe for a suitable seed mixture from an avian vet or a biologist you can of course mix your own bird food.

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