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  To be honest, dextrose doesn't play an important role in pet bird's daily diet. But for strengthening sick birds it is an outstanding supplement. Also in some cases birds who are heavily molting are in need of concentrated food supplements that give them some extra energy.

The best way to serve dextrose is to dissolve it in the burd's drinking water. Take a half teaspoon for about 100 ml water. Please don't forget to clean the water dish at least once a day since dextrose will leave a sticky layer on the surface of the dish. This layer is a perfect medium for pathogenic germs and should therefore be removed regularly.

If you take care of a pair or a little flock of pet birds, you can add dextrose to the drinking water even though only one of the birds needs it. This sort of sugar won't harm the healthy birds, but of course it could lead to overweight if served for more than only a few days. Important note: Please keeop in mind that birds who suffer from a candidiasis or avian gastric yeast shouldn't eat or drink sugar.










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