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Accident-related diseases

Important note: The texts and photos offered on Birds-Online.de regarding the health and diseases of birds are meant as a source of information. Please always take your ill birds to an avian vet as fast as you can!
This budgie has suffered a beak injury.
This budgie has suffered a beak injury.

The ailments that can occur in pet birds include infectious diseases as well as accident-related health issues. These are injuries of all kinds, ranging from lacerations and strains to broken bones or a cracked beak. Traumas thus may affect the birds’ skin, their beak or claws, or other tissues such as muscles, but also tendons and ultimately the bones or even their brain. In most cases, accidents such as collisions or fights between two birds result in trauma.

In the chapters listed below, I describe the most common injuries and diseases that occur in pet birds due to accidents. You will learn in the respective chapters which symptoms are characteristic for the individual injuries, which treatment options there are, and, if applicable, also how you can support the healing of your feathered patient.

At this point, I would like to emphasize that there are some photos in the attached chapters that sensitive people might find distressing. Accident-related disorders are not nice to look at and in many cases are even bloodstained. It is not my intention to scare you with the footage. But it is important to me to show the unadorned truth so that you can help your animals in an emergency in a targeted manner and as quickly as possible. Of course, all photographers were very careful and did not cause any further harm to the animals shown. The birds were given veterinary care as far as possible and the photos were gently taken for documentation purposes only.

Please note: If you do not find what you are looking for in the following chapter overview, you can use the search box on this page.

There will be more chapters available shortly! More translation work is currently taking place!

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