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An injured budgiePlease be true to yourself: Are you one of those people who abandon each thought of their bird having an accident most of the time? And do you try to forget about the consequences of such an incident because thinking of it would be too unpleasant? Well, you're in good company then, because many people behave in the same way. For sure this may be of advantage for your inner peace if you are a sensitive person. But if one regards the whole thing from another point of view, this way of acting can bring your pet bird into serious trouble one day. Each person who owns a pet or is responsible for it should always be able to help if the pet's life is in danger because of an accident or a severe illness. When you find your bird in a life-threatening situation, there is no time to think it over or phone someone. in most cases you have to act immediately to save the bird's life!

Therefore you should take yourself some time and learn more about first aid for birds. Make yourself familiar with topics like for example how to stop a wound from bleeding or how to fix a fracture before you can take your bird to a vet. The more you learn about first aid for birds, the better you get along with a critical situation once you're faced with it.

If you hear of an avian vet or a parrot specialist who provides lectures on practical first aid for birds or workshops on this topic, you should take this chance. You will learn a lot about bird anatomy and how to act when a bird's life is in danger.

a perfect addition to workshops or lectures like these is reading a book that deals with this topic. Two books that are written in English are available nearly all over the world:

First Aid For Birds: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
Julie Rach, Gary A. Gallerstein
Price: about 12 $* in the US (hardcover) or a bit cheaper as a paperback


First Aid for Birds: The Essential Quick-Reference Guide
Tim Hawcroft
Price: about 1 $* in the US.

*Prices without guarantee

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